The rant.

Let me preface by saying this: I have written a blog for nearly 10 years now. Over that span of time, I have written things that some people love…things that people hate…I have even been threatened with a lawsuit a few times.

I don’t write so people will carry me on their shoulders through a ticker-tape parade…I don’t write to aggravate people to the brink where they show up with torches and pitch forks. I write so I can say what I feel needs to be said. It’s not always right…it’s not always wrong…but I can assure you it is REAL without any buffering.

This blog entry is no different.

If you follow my FB page then you know I post often about Jake Wilson who has been missing for more than 100 days. Mollie Tibbett has been missing for a week. Kaiden Estling was riding his moped when he was hit and killed. The person who hit him…left him for dead…and took off. Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins were abducted and murdered. Their killer has STILL not been caught.

I have repeated the above information several times.

Last night I was stunned when I read comments that said things like this:

“Stop spreading fear. Cases like this have been around for years. This is nothing new.”


Look I could handle when people would comment about my post-baby figure or “clown” makeup with “floozy red lipstick” because that is all superficial crap. But comments like the one above…nope. Not today…not ever.

Spreading fear?

I am sorry that it scares me that two people very close to home VANISHED without a trace. Without a clue.

I am sorry that it scares me that Jake Wilson has been gone for more than 100 days and his name and picture have fallen from the headlines.

I am sorry that it scares me that a young man went for a ride on his moped and a driver slammed into him so hard that it killed him. And rather than trying to save Kaiden’s life…that driver took off leaving the teenager to die.

I am sorry that it scares me that two young girls were MURDERED and the person behind it is STILL OUT THERE.

I am sorry that is scares me that I find myself wondering “is this the new normal?”

I am sorry that it scares me that there are people who accept the fact that cases like these are nothing new.

That is unacceptable to me.

Children should not vanish.

Children should not be murdered.

Children should not be left to die.

We do everything we can to protect our children. We do everything we can to protect our neighbor’s children. We do everything we can to protect children in the next town. And if God forbid evil comes and takes one of our children…we do everything we can to bring them back home.

We don’t sit at home and criticize people from our phones who are trying to be a voice for children. We don’t accept that this is “nothing new.”

This is not about scaring people or living in fear.

There are children missing.

There are children who have been killed.

And we don’t know who is behind it all.

That is REAL.

And if it’s fear that is my driving force to protect my children and yours…then SO BE IT.

15 thoughts on “The rant.

  1. Great rant, Amanda! You have nothing to be sorry about. While I believe in individual rights, there must be some sort of tracking device we could put on our minor children like the, “help! me, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” device.

    Please keep speaking up for these people who cannot speak for themselves. ❤


  2. Thank you! Its about time someone speaks out for children. It seems these days a lot of people like to live in a bubble thinking …oh nothing like that will happen to me..until it does or to a friend, cousin, neighbor etc… Sure people have disappeared and have had hit and runs etc in the past…. but to this extent and frequency should alarm Everyone not just parents. Putting our heads in the sand and being quiet and honest isnt helping the children or anyone! Keep it up!!


  3. Never say your Sorry Amanda!!!!! Your heart and your head are in the right place!! It’s a scary world out there. We need to remember the little ones!!
    Keep doing what your doing!!!!


  4. First and foremost do NOT apologize for caring and being you! It is about awareness so we can make a family whole again or prevent another incident from even happening. Shame on anyone for accepting theses occurrences as everyday normal. These incidents are unacceptable! Praying something like this never touches their life personally.


  5. One of the four Toltec Wisdoms is Never take anything personally. This person didn’t even deserve a response. Awareness is always important…..shine on Tara.


  6. I so agree with your comments. It is not acceptable to take advantage of another person in any form,, especially when it becomes such a life threatening action. I feel we need harsher punishments for any misbehavior. A crime against a child should be unforgivable. Very harsh punishment. I am very sad we have lost so many people,, of all ages in such a small area. Something needs to be figured out. One big thing is harsher punishment. My sons name is on one of many bricks in Angels Park,,, He passed away way to young,, but it was not by someone else’s hand. I hurt just the same. I can’t imagine the pain of loosing a family member due to another person hurting them. It has to be prevented!!


  7. I remember an old saying …”out of sight, out of mind”. Unfortunately too many people prefer it that way😔😔😟😡


  8. You just keep doing what you are doing Amanda!Everytime I see one of your posts pop up I share it! I dont care if people get tired of seeing those posts over & over! Like you said we protect our kids & our neighbors kids! I have connections to most of these kids. My best friend when to school with Elizabeth’s Mom.Her kids played together often. My daughter played at that same Park with my friends kids.They rode their bikes there as is was down the street from my best friends house. My brother is a Special Olympics athlete & I remember seeing Jake in March at the U.N.I. Dome for Special Olympics. I recently sent a picture of my brother to Jake’s Mom telling her he was praying for Jake too. She cried but it made her happy too. I have known Kaidens Mom & Family forever. I got a call at 6:45 the next morning telling me Kaiden was gone.I went to school with his Mom’s brother. My good friend is one of Kaidens Moms best friends. Their kids play together all the time & their families go places together. Mollie I dont know but feel for her Family. My heart breaks for all of these families. I will wear their t-shirts & share their story till they are found & Justice is served. I pray for them all daily! God Bless you for what you do Amanda!


  9. Amanda, you are so right. This shouldn’t be swept under the rug like it never happened. Someone is out there doing awful things to our friends and families. Do not forget these kids and make sure you know where your children are at all times. Amanda… You go girl!


  10. tell it like it is….whenever, wherever, how ever, for ever…these innocent, missing people need to be remembered in every way possible!!!


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