“It’s called freedom of speech”

I responded to a “less than nice” message recently and the response I got was this:

“Whatever. It’s called freedom of speech. Deal with it.”

Ahh yes.  The freedom of speech defense.

We are all lucky, blessed and beyond fortunate to have the freedom of speech. We can go to the corner of the street and yell out whatever we want.  If we’re feeling pretty evil, we can be vicious in our posts and malicious with our words if we choose.  Especially on social media…because we get to hide behind a computer/phone screen, right? (Hopefully you are sensing the sarcasm here).

But let me throw this out there for ya…

Freedom of speech does not give us freedom from consequences.

We are responsible for our words…our actions…our intentions.

Words matter.

Words hurt.

Words kill.

Words have consequences.

So yes…you have every right to say whatever it is you want.

But when you’re put in your place and told to sit down…don’t start crying about freedom of speech. You’re abusing it.

Our children are following our lead.  Their “right and wrong” is learned from us.


2 thoughts on ““It’s called freedom of speech”

  1. You are so very right! Sometimes when someone abuses their Freedom of Speech to intentionally hurt someone else and make them feel bad I too want to tell them to sit down and
    “Shut UP !!!” If they want others to listen to their voice then they need to listen when someone disagrees with their voice as well. Thank You for being You. Have a great day! Oh and you are also correct when you say that children are following our lead. Our actions speak much louder to them than our words.


  2. So true, have they ever heard of the saying,”If you can’t say something nice, shut your mouth”. Way to go Amanda


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