“I know your mom.”

“I know your mom.”

Four words my kids have heard on so many occasions.

It happens when you live a public life…in a glass fishbowl so-to-speak.  But it hit me…what if the wrong person said, “I know your mom.”

Maybe I’ve watched too many Dateline episodes…or maybe working in the news business for the majority of my life has me on heightened alert all of the time.  Unfortunately, I am skeptical of many things. It’s my wall that I put up…the wall that protects my children.

I sat on my front porch one morning in deep thought.  I wondered…what if someone said to one of my kiddos, “Hey…you can come with me…I know your mom! Her name is Amanda…it’s ok!” “I know how much you love to play in the pool…your mom told me it’s okay for me to take you here.”  “Wait until you see that puppy in my car…your mom told me you love puppies!”

So over chocolate chip waffles and milk one morning, we had talk…another reminder session.  And we came up with a new safety word. It’s a long, obnoxious word that only our family knows…and we will let our closest friends know.  You see, it doesn’t matter if they’re told, “I know your mom really well!” or “I work with your Daddy!”  If you don’t know the family password, the conversation stops.

I had an acquaintance of mine tell me recently, “Some of the stuff you blog about…you know the safety of your kids…that’s like being a helicopter mom.” Nope. Helicopter moms try to control every situation for their child…don’t want them to fail so every fall is cushioned.  I’m a mama bear. My goal is to protect my children at all costs. Big difference.

Be gracious.  Be kind.  But don’t be naïve.

And mommas…don’t ever be ashamed of keeping those claws out.


5 thoughts on ““I know your mom.”

  1. Well said and a great plan! You can’t be too careful these days. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!


  2. I love thus! We hasve a family password as well, and my son has a personal body alarm too. He knows to push tgat button and sound his alarm if he’s in a scary situation. This Mama Bear is always in claws out position.


  3. Your a Great Mom for doing that. Some parents dont give two cents if their child is running around the neighborhood. Luckily we have some older people who sit outside and they keep an eye on the kids. Im old fashioned because I want to know that my kids are where they are suppose to be. Guess that also comes from working in the school system and knowing a child who got kidnapped and murdered. Keep up the Good work.


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