Summer of 1985

It’s the summer of 1985 in my house again.

We tried it last summer…but it didn’t last very long. I blame myself. I’ll admit…I couldn’t take the whining so I waved the white flag.

But now that I am well-rested…working “normal” hours…I’m ready kiddos. So bring it.

That means hand over your electronics. All of them. The old phones of mine and Dad’s that you now use when there is Wifi.  The tablet you got from Santa. The portable game player. All of them.

Turn the TV off.

No more Netflix.

No more Youtube and those annoying tutorials on how to make the perfect slime. (I am SO over this slime movement!)

Welcome to 1985.

We’re going to run through the sprinkler.

We’re going to drink from the hose.

We’re going to get neighborhood games going of wiffle ball and kickball.

We’re going to ride our bikes in our neighborhood and all through the trails. Yes…even me.

We’re going to go to the library and pick out books for the week.

We’re going to go to the park and have a picnic.

We’re going to toast marshmallows and make S’mores.

We’re going to take a day trip to the lake and make mini sandcastles in the sand.

We’re going to run around in the backyard at night and capture lightning bugs.

We’re going to cool down with ice cream, sno-cones and Italian ice.

We’re going to roller skate in the garage.

We’re going to go to the State Fair and eat everything and anything that’s fried on a stick. (I’ll even let you play a game that lets you win a fish. But don’t get too attached to ole’ Goldie)

We’re going to build forts in the living room out of sheets and pillows and have a family sleepover.

We’re going to swim at the pool until our fingers are pruned and we can’t wait to take a nap.

I’m going to teach you how to play MASH and how to figure out a Rubik’s cube.

You’re going to have a great summer. One that you will always remember. And you won’t need any electronics to do so. Trust me…you’ll survive. I did.




7 thoughts on “Summer of 1985

  1. Thank you and I hope it catches on all across the

    USA. Nothing like enjoying each other and discovering what is out there each day and getting dirty. So worth it to actually get to know each other. Say no to all electronics.


  2. Go you! I run our library’s summer reading program, and the kids do a bingo sheet. I have several “No TV or electronics” squares on the sheet. I always tell the groaners that we’ve done it for years, and so far we haven’t had one fatality. Amazing how much stuff gets done and how much they play with just a few days of no “brain Novocaine” as I call it.


  3. Love every bit of it. My 3 kids are (almost)5, 5 and 3. Its only going to get harder hear on out! Time to bring the fun of summer back!


  4. Oh my, you summed it up in one word ” electronics” we need to get our kids back to reality! Electronics have took over or kids lives, and turned into “babysitters” for most parents, its a shame. 1985, yes here we come, now those were the good ole days!


  5. Well, good for you, Momma Bear and how lucky are your kiddos that you care enough to do all of those fun things in your litany of summer activities. Don’t forget to make Duck Lips out of Pringles chips on your picnics and remember to take lots of pictures. This summer will be memorable~~blessings and hugs for your wonderful efforts to bring back childhood <3.


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