A different childhood…

My day started on an unfortunate note: I had to have ANOTHER talk with my kids about strangers.

I am not writing this so people can say, “Good for you for talking to them!” “It’s not unfortunate because you are talking to them about it!”

Let me call BS on all of that: it is UNFORTUNATE  that SO much has changed.  We now live in a world, where we don’t even feel safe letting our kids play by themselves in OUR OWN BACKYARDS. It makes me sick…and sad for my kids.

They will never know what it’s like to have a carefree summer.

I will never feel comfortable sending them off on their bikes and telling them to be home when the street lights come on.

I will never be comfortable burying my head into a book while they play at the pool.

I will never be comfortable telling them they can go to the park by themselves.

I will never be comfortable telling them they can go by themselves to the ice cream truck down the block.

I will never be comfortable letting them set up a lemonade stand on their own and sell over-sugared treats to passers-by.

I will never be comfortable letting them have a sleepover in tents in the backyard by themselves.

I will never be comfortable letting them run through the neighborhood at night with their friends catching lightning bugs.

I will never be comfortable letting them play the entire day outside while I catch up on things in the house.

I will never be comfortable letting them get off the school bus and walk home by themselves.

All things I did as a kid…I don’t feel comfortable allowing my own children doing. And it is unfortunate.

I miss the freedom of childhood. The ability to hop on my bike and go sailing up and down the hills with no hands, and the only thing I had to worry about was getting home by the time the street lights came home.

I miss that.

And I’m sad for my kids…because they’ll never get the chance to feel that same way.


8 thoughts on “A different childhood…

  1. This is so true Amanda the kids now a days don’t get to have the real fun like we did growing up, even my kids were able to enjoy this freedom but sorry to agree it’s forever gone .


  2. I know you will create other moments of joy for your kids but I agree, those particular moments are gone for all of us of our generation and the world is poorer for it.


  3. Our kids and grandkids will never know how much fun summer vacation really was!! Thank goodness for memories and pictures!


  4. I think it changed when we all got so caught up in work and organized activities that we don’t know and establish relationships with our neighbors. Even in small towns, we don’t really know and socialize with our neighbors. That belief that “it takes a village” was true and that’s what made it safe for us as kids. Everybody knew who’s kids were who’s and watched out for them. That’s what changed.


  5. Amanda, every thing you say is so true. I don’t suppose we are ever going to squeeze the toothpaste back in the tube. I just wish we could take a look at some of our “new and wonderful ways”. Where would we start? Try doing a system analysis of the many things we look at and think we have progressed and evolved in such wonderful ways. Take a second look and ask ourselves, “Now how is that really working for our kids?”


  6. Get off my fb page. I’ve reported you several times and to no avail. If I have to tell you once more I’m going to report you to both fb and Google.


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